Catchphrase: “I thought we were cool-de-la?”; “Are you my Caucasian?”
Standout Susie ether: “Freak of fucking nature, doesn’t want a house tour”

Before Leon, there was Krazee-Eyez. It’s a wonder it took three more seasons for Larry to cast a black sidekick, because every interaction here between himself and Krazee Eyez Killa snaps crackles and pops, so much so that no one minded Larry casually confirming “I’m your nigga.” Today Chris Williams’ portrayal of Krazee, Wanda Sykes’ gangsta rapping fiance, would be dated and tired, but in 2002 it was give-this-man-an-Emmy brilliant.

This was the episode to screen for your poor misguided friends that dismissed Curb as “boring” and “too dry.” Even on tenth rewatch, “Krazee-Eyez Killa” is a laugh riot from top to bottom, mostly because the titular rapper is one of the most colorful guests David has created to this day. And when Larry isn’t with Krazee, crafting sixteens, talking about the finer points of cunnilingus, or receiving the most hetero house tour (“this right here is the floor, made of, you know, floor shit”) we’re treated to one of Susie’s more spirited profanity rants when Larry refuses a tour of her and Jeff’s new digs.