"The Bare Midriff" is one of the strangest, most absurd episodes Larry and co. have ever pulled off. It features a cartoonish flashback that sees LD playing the husband of a character we only meet in this episode. There's a mistaken, and controversy-baiting, miracle when Larry's intense urine spray (seriously) gets some pee on a painting of Jesus, creating the illusion of a single tear running down Christ's face. It also goes for a sight gag, a series rarity, by way of Jerry and Larry's flabby, crop-top favoring assisstant.

As off-kilter as all this sounds, the episode works because we get to see how Larry and Jerry work. Whether cooking up the script or just shooting the breeeze in a way we imagine they must do in real life, the pairing is complete fan service to lovers of both Seinfeld and Curb, and is a real treat to watch, with Richard Lewis and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss occasionally serving as buffers.