Portrayed by: David Tennant
Appears in: Jessica Jones

The best ~thespians~ make even the most odious villains likable in a magnetic way. Hate to Love, is the scientific term, I believe. To that end, David Tennant turns in the best bad guy performance across the entire Cinematic Universe—Loki hasn't committed acts nearly as unspeakable, none of his transgressions have been sans remorse. As the mind-controlling, proverbial Problematic Man haunting Jessica Jones, Kilgrave truly does not give a fuck, nor does he think he should. And he only gets worse. You're actively rooting for Jess to wring his neck; every scene that passes in which she doesn't rings increasingly hollow in a writerly "look-this-has-to-last-13-episodes" type of way. It's hard to complain about streaming drift when Tennant is gnawing through every frame like it's Big League Chew, though. Kilgrave is designed to make skin crawl, but damn if he's not magnetically watchable too.—FT