While Newark, New Jersey's own Redman is known as your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, he has a pretty ill history as an actor. Similar to his career as a rapper, Redman's worn a number of hats: he can be downright hilarious one moment, then flipping things into some street sh*t if need be. Of course we all remember him as Jamal in the stoner classic How High alongside his partner-in-crime Method Man, how does that film stand against his role in Seed of Chucky? Or his cameo in Colorz of Rage? To celebrate his recently-passed birthday, we caught up with Redman to discuss, and his choices may surprise you!

Red didn't stop there, though; he also hit us with a ranking of some of his favorite films, and we learned a lot about him. Not only does Red tell us which member of Run DMC he is, but he breaks down his fetish. He even told us what he would title his porn film if he ever got to work on one. Hopefully we can see Redman acting again...in films that aren't of the XXX variety; we're still waiting for How High sequel!