For most of the older folk out there, social media might as well be written in Sanskrit. It's hard enough for them to understand how to use their cellphones...or even get the concept of texting. Now combine that with a never-ending conversation full of GIFs, videos, and hashtags? We're lucky the old people haven't voted to have banish Twitter for good. 

When you're a celebrity, you more than likely have to use one of these services, especially if you are actively working/promoting your projects. Old celebrities, in theory, must learn these platforms or kiss their careers goodbye. And while many celebs (both old and young) find ways to make their Twitter accounts all kinds of bland, there are a number of diamonds finding their way through the wide coal sea. We recently highlighted Twitter Gawd Val Kilmer, but had to ponder: which older celebrities are really slaying Twitter on the regular? 

Today, we bring you a ranking of some of the flyest older celebrities rocking Twitter. For those asking "how do you define old?," we basically kept it to lit users who can also sign up for an AARP membership (aka they have to be at least 50 years of age). Outside of that, it's a free for all. Are your favorite "over-the-hill"  celebs making the cut, or have they been muted/blocked from your timeline indefinitely? [Editor's Note: Which if so, rude af!]