When it comes to being an international-spy-turned-hardboiled-private-eye, there’s nobody who does it as badass as Sterling Archer. And as Archer gets ready to kick off its hilarious eighth season on Wednesday, April 5th at 10PM on FXX, it’s also launched a pretty awesome augmented reality app that lets you investigate clues both during the show and while you’re leading your normal (or, as Archer would likely put it: “pathetic”) life.

With the Archer, P.I. app, you can get in on all the action by using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, letting you become part of the Season Eight storyline entitled Archer: Dreamland. This season, Archer finds himself embroiled in the iconic noir setting of 1947 Los Angeles, where he is a grizzled private investigator searching for his partner’s killer. The case turns out to be way more than Archer bargained for, as he gets pulled deeper and deeper into a deadly game of tug-of-war with some of the city’s most ruthless crime bosses.

Every episode this season will feature a new set of clues that you need to locate using the Archer, P.I. app in order to help Archer solve the case. All you need to do is “Archer” items you see on screen by pointing your phone’s camera at them. In doing so, you’ll activate a special “trigger” that makes the items come to life in a series of customized animated experiences. The same applies when you Archer real world objects, like the Archer poster below (go ahead, “Archer” it!) and the acclaimed literary page-turner The Art of Archer book, as well as in Archer: Dreamland teasers and the official Archer Facebook page. So why not turn your passive TV watching experience into an active gaming one in which you can Archer a whole host of stuff?

Download the Archer, P.I. app today by visiting here and solve cases during the new season of Archer on FXX. The app is also available in all app stores. As an added bonus, players who collect a clue during each episode this season will also be entered into a weekly sweepstake to win prizes that reward them for their dope detective skills.

For more on the Archer, P.I. app check out the video above. And be sure to tune in when Archer: Dreamland premieres Wednesday, April 5th at 10PM, only on FXX!

Image via FXX