Andy Milonakis is a legend. He's one of those rare personalities who doesn't age... and ironically his face doesn't either. The comedian was recently a guest on go90's TAWK, featuring Awkwafina. The two got right down to it, with Andy holding nothing back while describing the differences between LA and NY women. When the conversation shifted to babies, Andy also had some pretty insightful ideas as to why he will not be a father anytime soon. The best part of the episode, however, is when Andy unleashes his rap skills - a mix of comedy and legitimate talent make for some pretty dope lyrics (even if the rap is about babies). The only question I'm left with is, when's the album dropping?  

Check out the full episode above, and if you enjoy what TAWK has to offer be sure to catch up on past interviews with DJ Kool Herc and Yung Simmie