When you think of "embarrassing porn stories," most of them are of the "I got caught watching porn at work" or "I'm sh*tty in bed" variety. When porn stars talk what embarrasses them, especially on set? It seems to mostly deal with sh*t, (period) blood, or some other form of When Bodily Functions Go Wrong. These stories get pretty nasty. Here's a trigger warning to say we told you so.

In Wood Rocket's latest "Ask a Porn Star" clip, they asked a number of porn stars to recount some of their most embarrassing porn set stories, and they really went in (no pun intended). (OK, some pun intended.)

One of the first stories comes from the only guy in the segment, Mick Blue, who talks about that thing where "you come to a porn set and... you think you don't know the girl... and then the girl says 'you don't remember? You did my first boy-girl scene, ever.'" Now, some of you out there might have porn star numbers (or at least brag that you have porn star numbers), but these people legit f*ck for a living; it's understandable that they could forget a face. Still sucks (no pun intended). (OK, some pun intended.)

After Mick speaks, though, it's all about women and their inability to control their bodily fluids. Two of the stories, unsurprisingly, are about enema mishaps. In preparation for her first gangbang, Charlotte Sartre "didn't know you're supposed to empty the saline out of the enema things," so the "laxative effect" went into play, forcing Sartre to "volcano sh*t all over everybody" (her words). Leya Falcon had to do a scene involving some butt play and "didn't know that you could clean out your butthole," and in a similar story to Sartre's, started "sh*tting like crazy" due to not dumping out the solution (no pun intended). After a healthy bowel movement in the bathroom, she ended up having another sh*t attack after having a toy inserted into her butt and "a bunch of sh*t came out."

Piper Perri takes the cake, though, with two period blood-soaked tales. In her first tale, during a "creampie" scene (one of her first in the porn industry), as the man in the scene pulled out of her for the, ahem, money shot, the "creampie" turned into a "period pie." The other one involves a very insane accident where the camera crew was in awe about how Perri went to town on a woman who'd started her period mid-scene.

Hopefully these tales don't f*ck up your "by yourself" meeting later this evening.