French news channel TF1 have released a set of photos pertaining to the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris last October. The images, obtained by TMZ, give us a glimpse inside Kim's hotel and the surrounding area on the night of the crime, as well as a look at the suspects congregating after the incident. 

The first couple of photos provide a chilling look at Kim's dimly lit hotel room, and the bathroom where she was allegedly forced to go into the bathtub. There are also images of the duct tape used to subdue her as the suspects made away with the jewelry worth an estimated $10 million.

A number of the photos show the suspects after the armed robbery meeting at a cafe. According to TMZ, the people involved would allegedly use code names and code words to discuss the incident over the phone. One of the more jarring aspects of the collection of photos is how some of the men could be seen smiling after putting Kim through the most terrifying ordeal of her life. Click here to see all of the eerie images. 

Four men are currently facing charges after 16 people were arrested back in January in connection with the armed robbery. The mastermind behind it all, Aomar Ait Khedache, has already informed authorities that most of the jewelry they stole has been melted down and sold in Antwerp, Belgium.