While the world of movie making may have changed, one thing remains constant: action movies. Enjoy a whimsical romcom? Awesome. Need a heady, more intense suspense-drama? Save a seat for us. But you better make sure you’ve made room for the glorious world of broken bones, covert operations, and killer instinct that make action flicks the ultimate in the movie-watching. 

As time goes on, so does the tools of the trade. Technology that was unheard of just twenty years ago have made it possible to (finally) bring the most realistic vision of Spider-Man to life, or give Harvey “Two-Face” Dent the eerie, skeletal face we’ve been waiting for. That said, amazing CGI does not an amazing action film make; you need that beautiful—sometimes bloody—collection of explosions, humor, death-defying stunts, and mega-heroics to create the perfect action flick.

Every year, a cavalcade of epic action films hit the box office, but which ones stand the test of time? From dystopian futures and massive Spartan battles to knock-down, drag-out superhero brawls, we’ve collected the 50 best action movies of all time. Pop your corn, tune out the world, and immerse yourself in the cream of the hard-hitting crop.