Year: 2012
How Much Money He's Making: $20 million
What Will's Doing: Winning us back by kicking alien ass. In this, there’s an intergalactic supervillain named Boris the Animal who breaks out of a moon prison, rips a hole in space-time and kills K in the past—opening up an alternate present where Earth is vulnerable to an invasion by his generally unpleasant species. Will travels through time, meets Josh Brolin doing a splittingly accurate young Tommy Lee Jones and the duo collaborate for Will’s sixth saving of the planet. At the end, J learns that Boris killed his father, and that K watched over him until the day he was ready for the black suit. The way Will thanks K is so cheeky and subtle and wonderful. He wraps this billion-dollar trilogy with indie-movie emotional deftness—and that’s why no matter what he does, he’s a national treasure.