Last year was an amazing one for video games, but 2016 is somehow shaping up to be even better. There are tons of new games to look forward to in the coming months, but that doesn't mean the games of the future should distract from the games coming out now. And the folks over at Gameranx have a stacked list of stuff to look forward to this month. 

They name a fair number of fast-paced FPS and fighting games like UFC 2 from EA Sports (which the creators promise will be better than the first UFC game), Black Desert Online, and Trackmania ("just a crazy, ridiculous racing game" with great track editing features), but they also list some basic puzzle-solving games that are just plain pretty: things like Samarost 3Adr1ft, and Stardew Valley. Their most anticipated game of March is The Division, with its incredibly real rendering of New York City and super-realistic gameplay. 

Of course Hitman is also out this month, or rather the intro to Hitman plus a single level. The gameplay itself is good, but only time will tell whether the subscription model holds up as opposed to pissing everyone off and scaring them away. For more details on the titles hitting stores this month, check out the video above.