Let’s face facts shall we, mobile gaming is no longer a passing fad nor a cheap gimmick. Despite the simple design and gameplay mechanics, games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds (we sense there’s an ornithological pattern going on here) have proven to be more popular than they should be and now big gaming companies are taking notice. The biggest juggernaut of them all, Sony, have now thrown their lot in by forming a new company that will focus on producing smartphone games.

While they’ll always just be ‘Sony’ to us, the tech (and music) giants are officially changing their name from Sony Computer Entertainment to Sony Interactive Entertainment. Through this Sony will also be forming a new company called FrameWorks which will aim to produce “full-fledged game titles” using both PlayStation characters and IP, according to their official statement. They went on to explain that the company will focus on it’s Japanese and Asian market, however nothing has been officially set in stone yet.

So where does this leave conventional handheld and home console gaming? Could this new move from Sony spell the death for these long time traditions. To be fair we highly doubt it but in the unpredictable world of technology and gaming one can never be to sure.