Scott Disick is reportedly attempting to move on from last year’s split with Kourtney Kardashian by dating someone new, with a remarkable twist: She looks more than a bit like Kendall Jenner. Disick was spotted hitting Nobu (with shoes on) alongside 20-year-old Christine Burke on Tuesday, the Huffington Post reports. Totally professional photographers were able to grab a quick shot of the pair, who have reportedly been grabbing lunch together quite often:

Burke, a model, also reportedly joined Disick during his Mexico vacation a few weeks back. Speaking to E! News, an unnamed source says Disick and Burke have been "hanging out a lot" after meeting through a mutual friend about six months ago. "Scott likes hanging out with Christine because she's different than other girls he's been with in the past," the source claims. "He thinks she's innocent and down to earth."


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Of course, Disick's appearances on Kourtney's recently launched Snapchat would appear to suggest otherwise until you really get scientific with the body language breakdown:

Looks pretty platonic. It's worth noting, however, that the former royal couple reportedly enjoyed some general flirtation while partying with Pablo at 1OAK in February. In his first post-rehab interview earlier this month, Disick told People he really just wants to "be treated like anybody else." Adding that he was currently “single and trying to keep my mind off of things," Disick kept it relatively real: "I am who I am." Indeed.