Comedy Central star Nikki Glaser already serviced audiences with porn that a. No one will want to fast forward through and b. Is hilarious, on purpose. Part of that's due to Glaser and stand-up comic Kyle Kinane keeping it one hundred when they fed lines to porn stars for a hilarious sex scene. "I'm just going to lick everything down here and hope it feels good" is one of the lines featured, which many a misguided soul has probably had run through their mind. This is what happens when porn gets real. Glaser's back at it again on Not Safe With Nikki for "Comedians Sitting on Vibrators Getting Coffee," the NSFW take on Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Seinfeld's series features comedians—with exceptions like Barack Obama—riding around in fancy cars, grabbing coffee. Glaser's format perks things up a bit, as you'll see. Joined by fellow comedian Sara Schaefer, Glaser enjoys a good cup of coffee as she tries to hold a conversation while trying (and failing) to ignore the vibrator under her. If you’re wondering how bad Glaser fails to keep it together, here's what her first response to the vibrator causes Schaefer to say, "You really are, like, getting possessed by a demon."

The hilarious segment starts off with Schaefer choosing her safe word: Theon Greyjoy (a Game of Thrones character for those unfamiliar.) "That means winter is coming. My nickname is winter," Schaefer laughs.  

"Splash mountain" and "it was like two CapriSuns exploded" are things viewers can expect to hear in the comedians entertaining sex conversation. The latter comparison was awfully similar to a line in Transparent season one, which begs the question: Why CapriSun? But I digress.

Who needs coffee to wake up when you've got vibrators? You can watch it here