Though the absence of Louie has given us the surprise of Horace and Pete, that doesn’t mean the world isn't left wanting episodical dissections of life's most bothersome societal chores. In an overwhelming move from fate, Louis C.K. is now at the center of what easily qualifies as a real-life Louie episode:

The photo, which alleges to show Louis C.K. in the general vicinity of two copulating dogs on the most fitting of days (Easter), ultimately made its way to Mashable but hasn't been addressed by the comedian himself. In the spirit of conspiracy theory fever, we must ask ourselves: Why hasn't Louis C.K. addressed this copulating dogs pic? Is he saving it for the (hopefully inevitable) return of Louie?

Imagine: Our FX hero makes his way out of his apartment, for reasons not entirely clear, and ends up on a directionless stroll before arriving at a random park. A group of children loudly argue nearby about their soon-to-divorce parents. Bizarrely, one of the children then delivers a moving monologue on the importance of avoiding marriage at all costs. Dogs start barking. The monologue ends. Everyone disappears except for Louie and the dogs, bringing about an extended period of silence that inspires Louie to enter an extended daydream about that time he tried weed as a teen (again). Stirred from his daydream by a nearby car alarm, Louie looks up to see two dogs going at it. Then, alas, the credits roll.

In reality, Louis C.K. was probably just photographed right in the middle of noticing what everyone around him was noticing: healthy dogs doing a healthy thing, albeit in public. However, as generosity is the only true currency in life, feel free to use any or all of that paragraph above for Louie's big comeback episode.