Kate del Castillo says she plans to move forward with plans for a Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán biopic, despite allegedly receiving a warning from the Mexican government to immediately cease production. While El Chapo is currently being turned into a "zombie" inside a maximum-security facility, those on the outside are still dealing with the fallout of Sean Penn's controversial Rolling Stone article. The story, which came together during a secret meeting with El Chapo and Kate del Castillo, was widely regarded as a misfire. In fact, Penn himself later admitted his story "failed" to successfully restart the conversation on troubled drug policies. With all that in mind, what exactly is going on with that biopic?

"I think that all this is already kind of tainted," del Castillo told CNN en Espanol's Carmen Aristegui during a two-part interview this week, as quoted by the Hollywood Reporter. "I just have my reasons because I was left out, and I don't want anything to hurt my new project." However, though she feels the original plan for the film is now "tainted," that's apparently not going to slow the momentum behind what is surely one of the most-hyped biopics of all time.

Referencing an alleged warning message originally reported by journalist Lydia Cacho, del Castillo said the tone was "kind of intimidating" but will have no immediate impact on the project. In fact, del Castillo doubled down on her criticism of the Mexican government's handling of the repeated El Chapo incidents by implying that he may have employed some inside assistance. "I don’t find it logical that a man gets to be so powerful without any help of key people in certain political and social levels in Mexico society," the actress said, according to THR. "I mean, someone is definitely helping him. And it isn't his mom necessarily, right?"

Though casting decisions surrounding the untitled project have yet to be announced, Kate del Castillo already has an idea of who she wants for the title role: "Well, not Sean Penn."