Batman v Superman is already pretty jam packed with villains. You've got Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, you've got Doomsday, you've got (probably) Darkseid. There's also Michael Shannon returning as General Zod in some sort of way, although nobody really knows how. Latino Review has even reported that Bizarro will make an appearance. 

But there very nearly could have been more, and they would have come from the Gotham side of the equation. Director Zack Snyder, in a new interview with Collider, reveals that The Joker and The Riddler were very close to appearing in Batman v Superman.

The Joker and The Riddler both came close to being in this movie. We talked about the possibility of putting them in. [Screenwriter] Chris Terrio and I talked about it a lot and felt that their mythological presence is felt in the movie and that's cool, but I didn't want to get my eye too far off the ball because I needed to spend the time, frankly, with Batman and Superman to understand the conflict.

As Collider pointed out, this could have been huge not only for Batman v Superman, but for the entire DC Comics movie universe, especially when it comes to The Joker, because it would have been Snyder casting the clown prince of crime, not Suicide Squad director David Ayer. That means maybe we don't even get a version of the Joker played by Jared Leto at all (although I'm sure Viola Davis might have preferred it that way after whole dead pig incident on the set). And who knows who would have been the first to take on the Riddler role since Jim Carrey did it back in 1995's Batman Forever.

In the end, you'll have to wait until Suicide Squad drops on Aug. 5 to see The Joker on screen again, and Snyder's words make it seem pretty likely that we'll see The Riddler somewhere down the road. Batman v Superman is out this Friday.