The trailer for new Netflix sitcom comedy The Ranch, reuniting That '70s Show stars and best bros on-and-off screen Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, has been released. The project was announced last summer after Netflix other comedy sitcom Fuller House (recently renewed for season two). Fans would be given a taste of Kelso and Hyde reuniting in December when Kutcher posted an Instagram of him, Masterson, and That '70s Show co-star Wilmer Valderrama together. Incidentally Kutcher was wearing a shirt reading "Farm Strong,"a sign of things to come. Kutcher and Masterson get into adult hijinks in the first trailer for The Ranch.

Here's The Ranch's synopsis per Netflix:  

"Set in the present day on a Colorado ranch, THE RANCH stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt, a failed semi-pro football player who returns home to run the family ranching business with his older brother Jameson "Rooster" (Danny Masterson) and father Beau (Sam Elliott), whom he hasn't seen in 15 years. Debra Winger stars as Colt's and Rooster's mother, Maggie, who runs the local town bar."

Fans of The Big Lebowski will recognize the narrator's voice as the trailer opens—it belongs to Sam Elliot. Early on Kutcher's character Colton establishes his confident jock character when he runs into Elisha Cuthbert, who may or may not be an old flame, and tells her he came back to town to help his dad because it was time to be the "MVP of life and not just football." 

The trailer features Kutcher more or less being an adult Kelso (still hooking up with babes, still setting things on fire, accidentally almost shooting himself with a gun.

Kutcher told Entertainment Weekly about his and Masterson's dynamic on The Ranch saying: "Our relationship is contentious, but the history of Danny and my friendship bleeds into the characters. They're best friends, but they fucking hate each other."

Here's a recent photo Kutcher posted with Masterson.


#ranchLife #theranchnetflix @dannymasterson

A photo posted by Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) on Mar 3, 2016 at 6:24pm PST

What better day for the first season of The Ranch to premiere on Netflix than on April Fool's Day (April 1).