As Alia Shawkat continues her takeover of film and television with a slew of projects set to drop in 2016, she's opening up about her perspective as an Arab-American working actress in Hollywood and reveals she had a rough start because she looked "too ethnic." Despite the uphill battle she had to fight, Shawkat has managed to break through stereotypes and has captivated audiences with on-screen characters undefined by ethnicity.

While sitting down with Complex News in Austin, Texas during SXSW, Shawkat spoke frankly on the subject. As conversation turned to presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Shawkat revealed that she believes he's comparable to another polarizing figure in history: Adolf Hitler.

"It's really upsetting," Shawkat explains. "I think he's like Hitler, I really do. You can relate quotes to him and they're pretty similar. And it's kind of the most disturbing, comedic thing that's happening right now."

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