Of course it wasn't going to be long before there was an Uber movie, but don't think 9 Rides (written and directed by Matthew A. Cherry) is another one of your drunk 3 a.m. trips home after a night of bar-crawling. That would just be 15 sloppy minutes of you stealing the aux cord and falling asleep in the backseat. Instead, Cherry's capitalized on the dramatic possibilities of single-location car movies (think the Tom Hardy-starring Locke or last year's Jafar Panahi film Taxi). He's also taken advantage of movie-making on a low budget, following the footsteps of last year's critically-acclaimed Tangerine to shoot the entire thing on an iPhone. 

Today we're premiering the first trailer for the film, which follows an Uber driver (Dorian Missick) on New Year's Eve picking up nine different groups of passengers, each helping him cope with life-changing news. Set to slow-burning late-night music, the trailer shows off how exquisite an iPhone movie can look. We don't know much more about this film, but we do know that New Year's Eve means high expectations, drama, drunkenness, and debauchery—a mix of elements that's sure to makes this Uber film tense and intriguing. And what is this "life-changing news" our driver faces? Guess we'll just have to watch and find out. 

9 Rides premieres at SXSW Film on March 11.