Summer camp is not something I grew up going to. Latino parents are highly suspicious about shipping off their kids to strangers for long periods of time, unable to see them. Besides, I never found anything great in the outdoors, so it was for the best. But people who do like summer camp and are fans of YouTube stars like Tyler Oakley—dubbed one of the most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine—will now have the chance to temporarily cut their Facebook addiction and chill with their favorite YouTube stars at camp. 

Oakley, who has 8 million subscribers on YouTube, and fellow YouTube star Bethany Mota (seen above in a video announcing the camp) are some of the famous YouTubers trying to get their fans out from behind a computer screen into the real world. They'll be doing so by hosting camps all over the U.S. in places such as Connecticut and California reports The Daily Dot.  

Mashable reports Oakley saying in a statement: "Unplugging is a good thing. This means turning off your computers, cell phones and other outside influences and when we can disconnect from the distractions of everyday we can concentrate on reconnecting with ourselves and with each other."

The weeklong summer camps are open to fans ages 10 to 16 and reportedly range in price from $1,000 to $2,000.