On Empire, Cookie Lyon’s out-of-this-world charisma easily made her the fan favorite of the series. It’s nearly impossible to travel to any corner of internet without stumbling upon one of her many memorable quotes or a gallery of her flamboyant animal prints. But what would happen if she found herself in a Matt Damon scenario and was struck in space?  Jimmy Fallon endeavored to find out in a funny segment called "The Acting Game," in which Taraji P. Henson was asked to answer a fake phone call and act out odd scenarios.

Ever the professional, the Golden Globes and Academy Award-winning actress warmed up before taking on the task of playing Cookie as an astronaut whose assignment in space has been extended by six months. "That’s gotta be wrong. Check the stats," she says before adding, "I got a nail appointment, honey. I haven’t been waxed. I’m looking like a woolly mammoth up here."

Comedic chops aside, Henson is also using her platform to validate her fellow women of color. Check her inspiring acceptance speech at the NAACP Awards. She’s also starring in a movie about a group of black female scientists who helped NASA launch its first rockets.

Stay awesome, Taraji.