The new Purge trailer is finally here and IT IS EVERYTHING. Last year was terrible for Purge fans because after Purge 1 and 2 dropped in 2013 and 2014, there was NO NEW PURGE MOVIE in 2015 (something I complained about in length here). But we're back baby! And we're getting topical. Of course the new Purge is called The Purge: Election Year because 1) hey, it IS election year and 2) who really is most responsible for all the fucked up purging other than those in the government? And get this: the tagline is "Keep America great." 

After casually invading Ethan Hawke's home in the first movie and then taking it to the streets of Los Angeles in the second one, the stakes keep getting higher and higher with these purges. The new film takes place two years after the second film, with Frank Grillo returning as the charismatic anti-purge hero Leo Barnes. He's now head of security for a senator (Elizabeth Mitchell) and of course, his mission to protect her during the annual slaying goes awry when a betrayal—dun dun dun—puts them on the streets of D.C., fighting for survival. And there's certainly going to be a lot of commentary made about the state of 'Murica. I mean just look at this:

The Purge: Election Year is out July 1. I can hardly wait.