Most people wouldn't dare drop any film/TV news on Oscars night, but Netflix and the team behind Orange Is the New Black decided to go against the grain and share a new teaser trailer for their upcoming season—and it's definitely a dig at the lack of diversity in this year's Academy Award nominees. 

For one, their teaser, entitled "For Your Incarceration," is a play on the popular Oscar campaign slogan, but that's not all Netflix had up its sleeve. The 35 second-long trailer begins with some of the inmates watching the awards and Taystee (played by the incredible Danielle Brooks) commenting, "Even when white folks try to be exciting, they still boring."

In case you don't remember, last season ended in chaos, (SPOILERS) with the state of Litchfield up in the air and the prisoners having escaped to a nearby lake. We also don't know what happened with Alex, if Piper is going to continue her power trip, and if Poussey and Soso will get together.

While this season four trailer doesn't say so much about what's going to happen, it's a pretty great addition to all the commentary against the Oscars exclusivity. Considering that Orange Is the New Black represents everything the Oscars aren't, it's an apt and welcome statement to make just before the ceremony begins.

Season four of Orange Is the New Black will premiere on Jun. 17.