Though Kanye West's most recent Twitter novellas have focused on the skyrocketing prices of college textbooks and the true meaning of watching one's throne, that little "$53 million in debt" declaration still hasn't dissipated in the press. Kanye later clarified the debt claims (i.e. 'Ye is not even remotely broke) in another series of tweets, but that hasn't stopped pop culture detectives from speculating on the current status of Kardashian-West finances.

"Their finances are separate," an unnamed source and purported financial expert tells People, "but they don't keep secrets from each other." Adding that the couple shares all expenses related to the kids (North and Saint, respectively), this source claims Kim "feels good" about having her own money, which is amazing because other people with money would likely say that they too "feel good" about having said money.

"Of course it stresses [Kim] out a little that they even have to think about finances at all," this source adds, noting that Kim is confident all will be financially well for her should the relationship ever falter. As previously reported, the Kardashian-West union is currently going quite swimmingly, though Kim is reportedly down for 'Ye maybe chilling with the controversial tweets for a while.

"[Kim] is all for self-promotion, but doesn't approve of Twitter drama," another source told People earlier this week, referencing the quickly squashed tension between Amber Rose and Kim. Adding that "their marriage seems fine," this source then most likely hit play on the latest incarnation of The Life of Pablo and promptly enjoyed.