Christian Slater's dad apparently can't get a job in Hollywood these days, but $20 million would probably help with that. 

The Wrap reports that the Mr. Robot star's own father is suing him for at least that much money, claiming his son defamed him by giving an interview in which he said his pops, Thomas Knight Slater, was manic-depressive and schizophrenic. The lawsuit makes its case against Christian Slater by saying the actor has no "medical credential, or the ability to diagnose manic-depressive schizophrenia."

Thomas Knight Slater had some minor acting roles under the name Michael Hawkins in the '70s, but doesn't have an acting credit listed on his IMDB page for anything more recent than 1988. The lawsuit claims that the slandering by Christian Slater and his mother, Mary Jo Slater, have kept him from being able to find acting work for decades.

Who knows if Christian Slater has the dough to pay out if he was to lose this lawsuit. The guy has been a Hollywood star for decades now, but it has been an up-and-down few years. In 2012, he starred in Playback, the lowest-grossing film of the entire year (it earned a whopping $252 at the box office), but he's also going into Season 2 of one of the best shows on TV with USA's Mr. Robot, in which he plays the anarchist title character.

At least this is a case of the rich family member being sued by the possibly broke one. Apparently in Shia LaBeouf's family, it's the other way around.