Chelsea Handler will do just about anything if it's for a good cause. She's spoofed Kim Kardashian and Vladimir Putin and gone topless many a time on social media in the name of equality, and she's just as committed to providing viewers of her documentary series with a thorough report of what hallucinogens to do the brain. I "just [want] to show what happens in your brain when you’re doing these things and how irresponsible some are, and how some are just, you know, real fun," she told Vulture back in June. 


Her docu series consists of four episodes: "Chelsea Does Racism," "Chelsea Does Silicon Valley," "Chelsea Does Marriage," and "Chelsea Does Ayahuasca." For the last, Handler told Stephen Colbert that she flew down to Peru to try Ayahuasca tea, which is tea made from a jungle vine that natives use for its healing and cleansing properties. (Sadly it's illegal in the United States, as it contains DMT.) "The first time it didn't hit me because I have a very high tolerance," Handler said. "The second night I had to go along with the shaman and do it again. You purge and you have all these hallucinations about your childhood. It's very vivid imagery." 

"Is that good?" Colbert asked. "Yeah," Handler responded, "I had forgotten that I love my sister." Hear that, Chelsea's sister? She's sorry.