If noted social media celeb (and purported alien) Lil Mayo taught us anything, it's that we should always expect the unexpected when it comes to extraterrestrial life. In that spirit, everyone is losing their mind about some drone-captured footage purporting to show a UFO successfully pulling off some remarkable flight maneuvers off the coast of Chile.

The video, originally shared by apparent drone enthusiast Agustin Lepe before being picked up by the highly regarded UFO experts over at the Daily Mail, begins with the drone following a so-called "algae stain" before a strange flying object rushes into view and ultimately disappears. For those more than ready to leave comments like "I don't see it" or "Where is it?" or "Clickbait," please note the red circle's designation below:

Daily Mail / Agustin Lepe

Though some lames are insisting that the object is simply a bird, and thus a very identifiable object indeed, others are not so convinced. The speed of the object, estimated to be as high as 186 miles per hour, is just fast enough to set the hearts of Lil Mayo enthusiasts into overdrive:

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton has already promised to "get to the bottom" of this whole aliens thing. "Maybe we could have, like, a task force go to Area 51," Clinton reportedly told the Sun. Good idea. Can we get Jeff Goldblum involved?