Steven Avery is one-half of the duo convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach as examined in Netflix's Making a Murderer. Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey, is the other person convicted. After releasing a track titled "They Didn’t Do It," in defense of Avery and Dassey, Dassey's half-brother Brad Dassey, a Christian rapper, explains why he thinks Brendan is innocent and talks more about his music in a new interview.

Brad caught up with The Early Registration and not only revealed "They Didn't Do It" wasn't the only song he released surrounding the case, but also that he's binge watched Making a Murderer though he hasn’t been able to follow along. "I'm not exactly sure what the new evidence is at this point," said Brad. "My mind has been spinning in so many directions lately and I just really want to find time to rest and re-coop from everything."  

One thing he is sure about is his half-brother's innocence which he believes wholeheartedly describing Brendan as a: "shy, quiet kid who wouldn't harm a fly." "There's no way he did this," Brad said. Brad believes, as many do, that Brendan's confession to the murder (which he later recanted) was coerced. Brad said: 

"Brendan clearly wasn’t aware of what was going on. I believe if anything, it was a complete cop out for the police investigators to do what he did. He was misrepresented and was not given a fair crack at defending himself. He honestly should have never said anything unless his mother or lawyer were present, but he was clearly tricked into saying things that I believe to be untrue. There's no way his story completely adds up to the things he says they did. From reading statements exactly from him, you can tell something is a bit, 'off' with his mentality. The police got to his head and I believe he made things up because he thought he was going to go back to school that day. Which clearly didn’t happen."