Next time you're in the gym, look around. One out of every four of those people you see sweating all over the stair climber and hogging the 30-pound dumbbells has had sex there in the past year. 

At least that's what they say, according to a survey of 2,000 people in England. The sex shop Ann Summers' survey showed that 25 percent of people claimed to have banged it out at their gym in the past 12 months, The Independent reports. 

A full 50 percent of people said they used the gym as a place to find hookups, while 20 percent of the women surveyed said they'd had sex with their personal trainer. Even the ones who didn't act on it were thinking about it. Seventy percent of the women surveyed had fantasized about sex with their trainer. 

What about in the U.S., you ask? VICE spoke to several people who admitted to having sex at their gym, including a manager who said a trainer at his place had slept with so many clients they had to make an official rule against it. 

"Brandon lived with a series of women who came to our gym. Rich tech women. He was sort of a kept man. One of the women who used to date him came into the gym, right into a class he was instructing, and started screaming about how he was a liar, that she hated him, and how she hoped he was fucking all his other bitches real good... you get the scene. I had to shoo her out the door. After that incident, the no-sex rule was made."

One of the craziest things revealed in the survey? Only 10 percent of people keep a condom in their gym bag. That level of gym unpreparedness is even worse than the people constantly flexing checking themselves out in the mirror