Dan Haggerty, the actor known to many as Grizzly Adams, has passed away at 74. Haggerty died from cancer at his home in the San Fernando Valley, TMZ reports. The cancer was reportedly discovered during a recent back surgery, with Haggerty eventually entering a hospital for treatment.

Haggerty's iconic role as Grizzly Adams began with the 1974 film The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, the success of which later inspired an NBC series by the same name. Adams, a character loosely based on the real Grizzly Adams of the 1800s, is a heroic man of the mountains with an actual grizzly bear as his best friend. Both the original film and the NBC series (which included additional TV movies) are regarded as inarguable classics of the '70s, still attracting viewers today. Haggerty also made notable appearances in Love Boat, Easy Rider, and (most recently) American Pickers.

Rest in peace, Dan Haggerty.