An attempted carjacking in Florida could've ended with more than just a stolen car if one mom didn't fight off car thieves. Security cameras at a Florida gas station captured the heart-pounding footage in which two armed thieves try to steal a woman's car and get sent running for the hills when she fights back, saving her two children who were with her. 

The scary situation happened Monday night at a Hialeah gas station. The unidentified super mom, who was outside pumping gas for her car (with her two kids in the backseat), told CNN affiliate WSVN a pair of ski mask wearing robbers ran towards a car loading gas next to her. Fortunately for the woman driving the other car she locked her vehicle before the carjackers could get in and then drove off leaving the woman to fend for herself. This is no tale of a damsel in distress though. The video shows the mom walking around to the driver’s side of her car, once she sees the robbers, but by then one of them beats her to it and gets inside. But before the robber can close the door the woman gets a hold of the door and pulls the robber out. Both robbers go running—one almost falling—as the mom stays calm, cool, and collected, looking back to see if they're still running. What a beast. 

WSVN said the suspects, and a getaway driver, were arrested when the getaway car crashed into a fence. A police officer saw the speeding car and followed it until the crash reported Carl Zogby of the Hialeah Police Department.

One of the suspects has been identified as 19-year-old Nicholas Rosado while the getaway driver has been identified as 21-year-old Rebecca Utria. The second suspect is an unidentified juvenile.

Goes to show how mothers will do anything to protect their kids.