Father knows best, but not this father. A man in Turkey was arrested when a video of him pointing a gun at his children surfaced on social media. He would later go on to say he was just "joking," but police weren't laughing. 

The man, whose initials "A.V." were only released, was arrested in Denizli and booked at the Berekentli Police Station, according to the Mirror. There he told police the wildly dangerous bit wasn't meant to hurt his kids—it was only meant as a "joke" reports Haber Turk.

In the video recorded by the man's wife he's seen pointing a shotgun at his children saying things like "I will shoot your feet!" and "Bang! Bang!" The children and wife are heard giggling in the video. The man, a truck driver, is even seen poking one of the children with the weapon.  

Police eventually let the man go but not without taking his shotgun. The man said in a statement: "My father left this shotgun to me. It's old and does not work. I didn't have bad intentions." He added, "I was joking. They are my children, I was misunderstood."