Last week, Trevor Noah took aim at the utterly absurd issue of campaign financing. With just under a year still to go in this election cycle (ugh), Trevor was rather surprised to learn that campaigns are currently on course to double the amount that was spent on the 2012 election. Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize that the amount spent in 2012 was $2.5 billion (yes, billion with a “B”), so we’re now looking at a whopping $5 billion bills being dropped on this one. Yowzers. Who’s behind dropping that kind of ridiculous coin? Well, it’s the wealthy individuals and so-called Super PACs who make astronomical campaign donations. But as Trevor finds out, the only thing more ludicrous than how much money these Super PACS get, is the kinds of names they choose to call themselves—something he’s not about to let them get away with un-mocked.

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