One of the strongest charitable partnerships between a celebrity and a tech company is Bono’s partnership with Apple. Bono’s Project (RED), aimed at fighting AIDS worldwide, has enjoyed a long partnership with the tech giant. From red Apple products around the holidays to special addition App Store downloads, Apple and Bono have found numerous ways to work together over the years. 

Bono’s partnership with Apple is just a small part of his larger history of charity work. He has been recognized for his philanthropy globally since 1986, and he points to John Cleese and Martin Lewis’s “Secret Policeman’s Ball” benefits in the late ’70s as inspiration for his commitment to charity. Since 1999, Bono has dedicated himself to the fight against AIDS. In addition to his work with Apple, Bono has lobbied politicians, started a clothing line, and partnered with various other companies, including American Express and Gap, in efforts to fight the disease.