A San Diego couple who got married at The Lodge at Torrey Pines over the weekend received an awesome party crasher: President Barack Obama. Stephanie and Brian Tobe exchanged vows at the 18th hole, where guests were also able to watch the Commander in Chief play golf.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the happy couple was excited to see him there. “We laughed and joked all morning, and tried to get a peek of him through the curtains, feeling honored just to be at the same location,” wedding photographers Erin and Jeff Youngrens wrote in a detailed blog post.

President Obama eventually noticed the excited guests and took the time to shake a few hands. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, Stephanie rushed to have her moment with the president. "I picked up my wedding dress and just started running down the hall," she told NBC San Diego. "When I was running up to him, I just started crying. I was in a state of complete shock."

The president snapped a picture with the happy couple and imparted some wisdom to the groom. "He specifically told my husband Brian not to step on my dress,” Stephanie said.

Good advice.