Aside from Jerry Seinfeld's cinematic bee epic Bee Movie, bees have been largely maligned by human beings as both a genuinely terrifying nuisance and the unwilling manufacturer of that jar of honey that you have just sitting in the kitchen but will definitely never use. As members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers continue to work diligently to clear the bee name, actual bees are apparently buzzing around airports like they own the place:

The pilot revealed that a queen bee had apparently flown into the airliner's wing as it waited to depart Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, according to NBC News. Predictably, roughly 1,000 bees promptly followed the queen to this seemingly illogical new locale. Someone reportedly not afraid of bees ultimately removed them from the aircraft:

Pilot says Queen bee flew into wing and 1,000 bees followed, delaying AA flight on runway at DFW for more than an hour!But most passengers up and watching- just beemused.

Posted by Karin McCay KCBD on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nice move, bees.