When a man in Clay County, Missouri decided it was time to put out the garbage fire he'd started in an empty field he figured the best way to do that was driving back and forth over it with his van. Sure, of course, that makes sense. 

So that's what he did, he drove back and forth over that fire. Then his tires caught on fire, which also makes sense.

It probably wouldn't have been such a huge a deal if the van wasn't packed with guns and ammunition (to protect his garbage fire maybe?). 

As the Kansas City Star reported, a cop noticed the smoke in the distance and found the flaming van that the driver had retreated from. The officer was forced to retreat to a safe distance himself when he realized there were bullets going off inside of it. 

The sheriff's department tweeted that an officer had found the fire, then tweeted an update two hours later saying that ammunition was still discharging. 

Does insurance cover using your vehicle as a fire extinguisher?

Tragically, there's no video of this thing, so we're just going to have to use our imaginations, and also this video of someone using fire to destroy 2,000 rounds of ammunition with fire: