I knew Love Actually was a touchy pick for this list because when I was in a car full of people last weekend and whispered "Love Actually is traaaash" they all turned around, driver included, with murderous eyes, wanting to throw me out of the car. Sorry, but it's true, and critics called it upon its release in 2003. But now it's being lauded as this "beloved holiday classicand, oh my gooood how the critics were so wrong, etc.! The critics are often wrong, but not about this. I haven't seen Love Actually in a minute (and I refuse to rewatch it for the sake of this post), but for a film considered a feel-good holiday rom-com, this is neither romantic or comedic, actually. From what I recall, there were men who started inappropriate relationships with their subordinates (see: Hugh Grant with his assistant, Colin Firth with his maid), and the WORST of all, that asshat Rick from The Walking Dead who stole Keira Knightely from Chiwetel Ejiofor. Rude as hell. — Kristen Yoonsoo Kim