I've only seen this movie once. I was going to try and rewatch this long ass shit for the purposes of this post, but I then I figured this stat just sells my point even more. Basics would have you believe this is one of the greatest modern movies made. A marvel. A contemporary cinematic wonder and achievement. Me? I'm just bummed James Cameron, director of two contenders for best action movie of all time—Terminator 2 and Aliens, obviously—is dedicating the foreseeable future of his career to some truly mediocre shit.

Rewatching Avatar at home shouldn't be a factor anyway. Apparently this was supposed to blow me away in theaters. I saw it at my favorite theater with my boy at the best IMAX screen in New York (maybe in the East altogether, AMC Lincoln Square, what's really good?) We saw it two or three weeks late, already an inherent sign that we weren't too jazzed on it, film student geeks notwithstanding. And the movie that would go on to such commercial acclaim turned out to be... Pocahontas in Space? OK? But wait, I was supposed to be wowed, visually, that's the real draw right? Well, I wasn't. Sorry, Jim. The pictures are pretty, on paper the technology is impressive, Zoe Saldana is always the realest but this still comes in under True Lies in the great James Cameron ranking in my humble opinion. Please, please find the time to do something else in between making Avatar 6. (Sam Worthington is so fucking bland that I can't even remember if he was actually trash in this movie or just, you know there. Nor can I tell you what he's done since this and Terminator 4). — Frazier Tharpe