In between the baffling Adam Sandler and Kevin James contracts, Netflix made a smart (though entirely rooted in 90s nostalgia) move — the acquisition of a Full House continuation series aptly titled Fuller House. With much emotionally tweeted fanfare, John Stamos originally confirmed the rumors of a Full House resuscitation during a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel in April. In the weeks since, the casting news has slowly trickled in with largely expected revelations — namely the confirmed absence of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

On of the more puzzling holdouts in the near-perfect Full House reunion has been Bob Saget, though a clearly not proofread tweet from Stamos late Thursday night puts any Sagetless conspiracy theories (surely brewing) swiftly to rest:

In other news, I will spend the rest of my night aimlessly googling how to achieve the distinct brand of agelessness John Stamos has so effortlessly embodied for the better part of three decades.