In the past, possible pleated pants model Rand Paul has attempted to play the difficult role of the cool Republican — an impenetrable oxymoron that needs no explanation — by claiming allegiance with Ferguson protestors in the wake of the growing spotlight on the systematic murder of  black citizens. However, Paul unsurprisingly negated all of that by revealing his unsurprisingly troublesome true colors in a new interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

Laughing to Ingraham, Paul said he was "glad the train didn't stop" when he passed through Baltimore on Monday night. He repeatedly referred to the ongoing acts of protest (following the severe police negligence which lead to the death of Freddie Gray) as "thuggery and thievery," adding that he ultimately sides with the police. "The police have to do what they have to do," said Paul. "I am very sympathetic to [their] plight."

Most damning, however, are Paul's egregiously stupid theories on the causes of the unrest in Baltimore. "There are so many things we can talk about," Paul told Ingraham, "[including] the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of fathers, the lack of a moral code in our society."