Jon Stewart was reliably spot-on Tuesday evening, following a marathon of ill-worded and largely unbalanced reporting from practically every cable news outlet. CNN took the brunt of Stewart's comedic forces, however — specifically their proverbial unicorn Wolf Blitzer. Stewart was just as baffled by Blitzer's repeated claims of shock and awe at the footage from the ongoing Baltimore protests (in the wake of Freddie Gray's death at the hands of local police) as we all were, and made a heartfelt and hilarious case for the possible abolition of all things Wolf and all things Blitzer.

"I am worried about you. Do I need to get [Adam] Sandler to go over to your house and just run sh*t by you every morning?"

Stewart also aptly called for a "more nuanced alert system" regarding police intervention in protests, particularly more nuanced than announcing "You have 10 seconds to disperse." Calling the events in Baltimore indicative of a larger "cyclical" issue, the soon-to-be-former Daily Show host pointed to the historical, systematic disenfranchisement of many African-American communities — a fact only given attention on mainstream scale when its "periodic fiery ball of anger threatens to enter our space like some kind of Alex Haley's comet."