Jimmy Kimmel got a chance to interview the star of the viral, "I'm Not Gay No More" video—the video in which a man stood up in the middle of church and started shouting that he was not gay "no more" and would love a woman. 

But the internet sensation wasn't on Kimmel's show because of his outburst in church—no, he had more serious matters to address. Specifically, an altercation with a frozen yogurt store employee who recognized him from his video and threw fro-yo in his face.

The "I'm Not Gay No More" guy—whose name is actually Andrew Caldwell—video chatted with Kimmel about the ordeal.

"Well, you know, I went inside the store and I'm like, let me get me some frozen ice cream," he told Kimmel. "So I got me some frozen ice cream, and she [the store employee] looked at me like, omigod, that's the guy from the video."

Things escalated from there: when Caldwell tried to pay for his frozen yogurt, the employee called him a homophobic slur. He asked to speak to a manager, but she revealed that she was the manager.

To which Caldwell said, "Well I need to speak to somebody else, DAWG."

The manager then threw Caldwell's frozen yogurt and money at him, and the police arrived moments later. But then, back on the show, Kimmel revealed that the manager told reporters that she herself is gay.

That didn't seem to phase Caldwell, though, who just echoed what he said in his video: "I'm not gay no more. I am delivert."