Authorities in Ohio are searching for a man accused of wantonly pooping on cars in the area over the past two years. 

The New York Daily News reports that, during this span, the man has adorned a total of 19 cars with his excrement in the city of Akron. However, his days as a fugitive may be numbered, as a security camera got a clean look at his face yesterday while he was in the midst of another reckless shitting: 

The photograph was taken on a timelapse camera set up by a nearby resident who'd become fed-up with repeatedly clearing human waste off his vehicle.

The victim, who's not been named, had been hit seven times.

His picture shows the mystery bowel movement bandit squatting over the hood with his pants down — while looking directly into the lens.

The image has since been forwarded to the Akron Police Department, who are trying to determine his identity. What's more, Akron police believe there could be far more than 19 instances. "I'm sure there are more victims out there," Lt. Rick Edwards told BuzzFeed.

We certainly hope not. 

[via New York Daily News and BuzzFeed]