Air Date: Feb. 5, 2000
Starring: Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan

Before Dave Chappelle dressed up as Samuel L. Jackson to sell his eponymous brand of beer ("It'll git ya drunkkk!!"), there was "Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor." It all makes sense, too. Of course, Aunt Jemima had a liquored-up husband who hawked his own brand of booze. Hell, if our wife made millions of dollars off a syrup empire, we would be sitting on our ass getting trashed, too.

With Tracy Morgan starring as the Uncle (and the Aunt), he attempted to sell us on his delicious brand of mash by throwing insults at his wife—"Black folk ain't exactly swelling up with pride on account of you flipping flapjacks"—and swatting at imaginary cartoon birds. However, one thing that wasn't imaginary: Uncle Ben on the cover of that bottle of booze.