Air Date: Dec. 3, 1994
Starring: Adam Sandler

“The Chanukah Song” is one of those bits that you forget actually came from SNL. After Adam Sandler debuted it on "Weekend Update" in 1994 (back when he was still funny), Jews everywhere were singing it at the top of their lungs, especially during holiday season. While all the other kids were joining in on Christmas carols, the Jewish children were now singing a cool song that they could finally call their own (eat your heart out, "Jingle Bell Rock").

Now every winter, Jews huddle around the Chanukah Bush to eat chocolate, spin dreidels, and sing "The Chanukah Song" (at least, we hope they do). Sandler went on to record two more versions of the track (titled “Chanukah Song Part II” and “Chanukah Song Part III,” respectively), but the original is still by far the best—mainly for that line about O.J. Simpson, who, apparently is not a Jew.