Air Date: Oct. 17, 1981
Starring: Eddie Murphy

Could you be, would you be Mister Robinson's neighbor? Yeah, probably not. Eddie Murphy's grimy version of Mr. Rogers seems like the kind of dude who'd steal your TV and keep you up all night watching Robin Byrd. But that's what made him great. (Come to think of it, that's exactly how we'd like to imagine the real Mr. Rogers was once the cameras stopped rolling.)

In typical Fred Rogers fashion, the cardigan-clad Murphy would open the door, change his shoes, and greet the boys and girls at home. However, rather than teaching them wholesome lessons about sharing and friendship, Mr. Robinson would school them on much more pertinent matters, like how to answer a door in the hood or the importance of a pair of disco shoes, and, of course, he'd also expand their vocabulary with key new phrases like “bitch,” “scum bucket,” and more. Thanks to this classic episode, we officially consider ourselves well-versed in dealing with both eviction notices and trifling wives.