Air Date: Nov. 5, 1983
Starring: Eddie Murphy

Sometimes a video just makes us wanna break out in a COL' SWEAT! We can't be sure if it's the wild dancing, the wig and gold Speedo combo, or the pitch-perfect screeches as the Godfather of Soul sticks a toe in the water, that make Eddie Murphy's depiction of James Brown's fictional hot tub talk show one of the most laugh-out-loud-funny sketches of all time, but, really, it's undeniable.

If you think about it, the 1983 skit was pretty experimental for its time. There's no rhyme or reason here—just one ongoing joke that involves the funk and soul legend getting down with his bad self in front of a bubbling hot tub. While there are numerous SNL classics that would likely deliver the same laughs were you to swap in a different cast member for the lead, this is a definitive sketch that Eddie, and Eddie alone, could pull off. We only wish we could've sat in on that brainstorming session.